レミオロメン (Remioromen)


[レミオロメン (Remioromen)]

What does "Remioromen" mean? Nothing at all.

The band members came up with the name by playing jyankenpo. Each member would contribute a syllable to the name, and the game determined who would go first.

Oddly enough, the final order of the game coincided with each band member's height. (The tallest member got to go first.)

Singer/guitarist Fujimaki Ryouta, bassist Maeda Keisuke and drummer Jinguuji Haru formed Remioromen in 2000. With Gunga Maebashi as its home base, the band concentrated on performing in the Tokyo-Shimokitazawa area in 2001, slowly building a fan base.

In the spring of 2002, the band retreated to Yamanashi to rehearse and to write. The following year, the band embarked on recording.

Remioromen released a mini-album and a single on the Daizawa label before jumping to Speedstar, where it released its full-length debut, Asagao.

Fujimaki's strong, clear voice is a selling point for the band, whose music straddles the line between mainstream and indie appeal.