Dry & Heavy


[Dry & Heavy]

When it comes to following reggae tradition, no band does it better than Dry & Heavy. Booming bass, thundering beats, wailing vocals -- Dry & Heavy distills the essence of reggae's progenitors.

The band started out in 1991 as a side project for the rhythm section of Audio Active. Drummer Shigemoto Nanao ("Dry") and bassist Takeshi Akimoto ("Heavy") took their nicknames from the Burning Spear album of the same title.

Dry & Heavy eventually added more members -- distinctive singers Likkle Mai and Inoue Ao, keyboardist Toike Mitsuhiro and guitarist "The K". Producer Uchida Naoyuki provides the studio wizardry.

Dry & Heavy's self-titled debut in 1997 became a hit with reggae fans worldwide, and since then, the group has released albums in Europe and the US and has toured internationally.

Akimoto announced his departure from the band at the Fuji Rock Festival in 2001, but Dry & Heavy recruited Audio Active bassist Pata not soon after.