スピッツ (Spitz)


[スピッツ (Spitz)]

It wasn't until Kusano Masamune, Miwa Tetsuya, Tamura Akihiro and Sakiyama Tatsuo went to college in Tokyo that SPITZ was formed.

The quartet met in 1987 and performed steadily, growing its fan base slowly.

SPITZ's first independent recording in 1990 garnered critical praise, and in 1991, the group released its first album.

Although the band toured and recorded regularly, SPITZ didn't score a huge hit until 1995, with the single "Robinson." Since then, Spitz has been a fairly successful band.

Backed by jangly Byrds-like guitar rock, Kusano Masamune's smooth voice is the biggest draw for the group. "Nostalgic" is the adjective most used to describe Masamune's voice and the band's music.