It’s me, Kathy, I’ve come home

New Music Express has a short tidbit about the forthcoming new album by Kate Bush.

It will be a double-LP titled Aerial, and NME lists Nov. 7 as the release date. I’m assuming that’s a UK release date, because Nov. 7 is a Monday, and US release dates fall on Tuesdays, which would confirm Rolling Stone’s earlier report of Nov. 8.

A double album after a 12-year wait sounds like a fair exchange, although double albums can be pretty tricky. Now November seems far away.

UPDATE: Billboard magazine takes the same press release and adds a bit more history for us damn Yankees who may not remember who Kate Bush is. (I bet Big Boi from OutKast must be ecstatic.)

The Kate Bush News site also mentions a number of interesting rumours surrounding the album.

As she once sang on “The Sensual World”, “Mmm yes.”