Fuckin’ good

A fan site for the Japanese rap-metal quintet Missile Girl Scoot sports as a monkier the headline for this review.

And it’s pretty damn accurate.

Missile Girl Scoot answers the question of what would happen if Rage Against the Machine wrote hook-filled choruses and were fronted by two Japanese women.

On Fiesta!, the band collects some of the most blistering but catchy rants to be set to aluminum.

Missile Girl Scoot make no qualms about what influences their music, often combining different styles in a single song.

“Big Mouth” alternates between ska and metal. “Gaze Into Space” sports dub chanting while breaking into a psychedelic chorus.

“One Track Mind” is a straight-forward, double-time exercise in punk, while “No Needs” could have come right out of a marriage between the aforementioned Rage and The Real Thing-era Faith No More.

While the broken English of duo frontwomen Junn and U-Rie are buried under Tatsuya’s Jim Martin-tinged guitar work, the two women dominate the choruses of each song.

Listeners intent on rapping along with Missile Girl Scoot might have a hard time keeping up, but they can always hum along with the choruses.

In short, Fiesta! is … well, you can read that headline.