Teen band with talent?

All right. Finally. A teen-marketed band that self-respecting music critic-wannabes can half-way appreciate.

England’s BBMak distinguishes itself from the ‘N’Syncs, Backstreet Boys and LFOs of the world by writing their own songs and playing their own instruments.

Of course if you can write your songs and play your own instruments, what are doing dashing out radio-friendly ear candy about love gone awry than trying to push the envelope of rock music excess?

Oh. That’s right. Rock is dead.

In any case, BBMak’s music traffics in the usual teen-scene gestures of strategically-placed falsettoes, syrup-smooth vocal harmonies, immediately gratifying hooks and oh-so-earnest, heart-wrenched lyrics.

Thankfully, BBMak has also wrapped such predictable affair in guitar-driven, thump-whack-drummed pop music. This trio is a bunch of white boys from England — they’re not going to pretend to be Boyz II Men or New Edition.

They will, however, pretend to be George Michael, as demonstrated on “Unpredictable.” And on the infectous first single, “Back Here,” they might even sound like a sugar-coated version of an alternative pop band without the requisite Michael Stipe and/or Eddie Vedder clone.

BBMak could almost — just almost — be a Duran Duran of their generation: a band with looks and musical chops to have some semblance of longevity.

Twelve- and thirteen-year-olds devoted to their Britney or Christina or 98 Degrees would do well to pick up BBMak. In 2007, Sooner or Later won’t sound so embarrassingly dated.