Combining a science ficiton image with a mix of hip-hop, electronica and R&B, m-flo became one of Japan's top-selling artists in the late 90s.

The trio's ability to mix flawless English with Japanese also set it apart from its peers.

The members of m-flo share a number of international connections. Instrumentalist Taku and rapper Verbal both attended St. Mary's International School in Japan.

After graduating, Taku and Verbal went to study in the U.S. as exchange students -- Taku in California, Verbal in Boston. Taku worked as a DJ, while Verbal started honing his rapping skills.

When Taku and Verbal returned to Japan, they started collaborating with each other in different bands. The duo decided to strike out on their own. Verbal knew Lisa since junior high and invited her to audition. The Columbian-Japanese singer got the job.

m-flo debuted with a 12-inch single, "been so long", which has since become a collector's item. It's debut maxi single "The Tripod E.P." shot up into the Oricon Top 10.

Since then, m-flo has released a number of singles, two albums, a number of remix collections and live albums. The group's members have gone on to collaborate with other artists, creating remixes for SES and Utada Hikaru.

In 2001, Lisa collaborated with Triceratops on "Believe the Light", and she released a self-produced solo single, "Move On", in early 2002. Before the release of her second single in April 2002, Lisa announced she was leaving the group to concentrate on a solo career.

After Lisa's announcement, Taku and Verbal went on to produce albums for such artists as Heartsdale. The pair reunited in 2003 to release a greatest hits album.

Later that year, the duo regrouped as a production unit with a revolving door of guest artists. Rather than rely on one singer, m-flo collaborated with a range of artists from Pizzicato Five's Nomiya Maki to swing band Bloodest Saxophone.

The results culminated in 2004's Astromantic, a diverse album that demonstrated m-flo's versatility. A remix album followed later in the year.