キセル (Kicell)


[キセル (Kicell)]

Consisting of brother Tsujimaru Takefumi and Tsujimaru Tomoharu, Kicell perform ambient pop at once sparse and intricate.

The brothers decided to become a band in April 1999. Takefumi was part of the same university music circle that yielded Quruli, and he toured with the trio from March to April 2000. Takefumi also played guitar on a coupling track of a Tsuji Ayano single.

Kicell released a mini-album and a single on independent label colla disc. The duo's songs garnered modest radio play on a number of stations outside Tokyo, while Kicell toured from March to April of 2001.

Kicell signed with Speedstar Records, becoming labelmates with Quruli and Ayano. The brothers released their debut album Yume in June 2001. In 2002, the duo released four more singles and a second album, Kinmirai.

Kicell contributed a track, "Sabaku ni Saita Hana", to Yuki's second album, Commune, which they recorded for themselves and released as a single. The song appears on the band's third album released in 2004, Mado ni Chikyuu.

  • Tsujimura Takefumi: vocal, guitar, keyboard, programming
  • Tsujimura Tomoharu: vocal, bass