ニルギリス (Nirgilis)


[ニルギリス (Nirgilis)]

Combining dance beats with shoegazer guitars and quirky harmonies, Nirglis perform a brand of pop compared to the likes of Clammbon and Cymbals.

Keyboardist Moyo Satake and guitarist Kooki Ito formed the band in 1993 while both were studying at Kinki University. The pair went through 20 members before settling on its current line-up.

Vocalist Iwata Acchu Iwata joined in 1998, with bassist Kurihara Minoru following in 2000 and drummer Inadera Yuki in 2001.

In 2002, Nirgilis debuted with its first single, "Zero", and since then, the band has released more singles and two albums on its own independent label Chukuri. A remix album, Squash, features Hood, Andy Chase of Ivy and Spangle Call Lilli Line.

Nirgilis signed to Toy's Factory in 2003.