駄菓子菓子 (Dagashi-Kashi)


[駄菓子菓子 (Dagashi-Kashi)]

"We are poison rock band in the Japan," so states the official website of Dagashi-Kashi. "Once you see us, you will go to HELL."

In the case of Dagashi-Kashi, Hell sounds a lot like garage rock and metal smashed through a B-movie horror film soundtrack. And damn if it isn't a lot fun.

Shrouding themselves in kimonos and face make-up, the members of Dagashi-Kashi have effectively taken back what KISS borrowed liberally from Japanese kabuki theater.

They even adopted respellings of their given names to fit their on-stage personas. Rhythm guitarist Kukimoto Takehime's name translates to something along the lines of "the secret origin of nine intimidating ghosts."

But beyond the costumes and the back story, Dagashi-Kashi performs some mightily tuneful rock.

Formed in 1997, the band now lives in a house next to a nursery. They've performed extensively and released a number of songs on compilations and self-made singles. In 2003, Dagashi-Kashi participated in the SXSW festival.