Luminous Orange


[Luminous Orange]

Spurred on by a Pale Saints concert in Tokyo, singer/guitarist Rie Takeuchi decided to form a band that didn't play "three chord pentatonic things". In 1991, she formed Luminous Orange with bassist Kazuko and drummer Mieko.

Takeuchi poured over her Claude Debussy scores to write her own music, and while labels showed some interest in the band's hazy, melodic music, they ultimately passed them over for not writing karaoke-geared songs.

Luminous Orange appeared on a number of compilations and released its first two albums on independent labels. Although lauded by their peers and the press, Luminous Orange had trouble attracting an audience. In 1997, Kazuko and Mieko left the band. Takeuchi kept the name and forged on her own with a support band.

In 1997, Takeuchi traveled to the UK and was included on a compilation Puppy Dog Mail EP. Oyamada Keigo, a.k.a. Cornelius, heard Puppy Dog Mail and offered Luminous Orange a spot on his label's own compilation, Prego!

More appearances on compilations followed as Takeuchi recorded two more albums with her session players, which included Ahito Inazawa of Number Girl.