A lot of what passes for jazz and rock hybrids can trace its lineage back to Miles Davis' Bitches Brew. Spiritually, LOSALIOS can draw a straighter line than most.

Combining rock guitars with free improvisation, LOSALIOS can get downright noisy but never loses a rhythmic center. Credit that to bandleader Nakamura Tatsuya, former drummer of Japanese rock icons Blankey Jet City.

Nakamura formed LOSALIOS after Blankey Jet City decided to pursue solo projects in 1996. A second such break in 1999 yielded Sekaichizu no Chi no Ato, an album in which Nakamura alternated between five different bands, including LOSALIOS.

When Blankey Jet City split up in 2000, Nakamura devoted himself full-time to LOSALIOS. He drafted musicians from other bands to help him out: bassist TOKIE, who performed with Nakamura's former bandmate Asai Kenichi in AJICO; guitarist Kato Takashi from Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra; and saxophonist Takeda Shinji.

In 2002, the quartet released its second album, Colorado Shit Dog, on BJC's Wild Disk label and a live album, School of High Sense.