ズボンズ (Zoobombs)


[ズボンズ (Zoobombs)]

(Taken from the Zoobombs official site. Who are we to disagree with an official biography in English?)

Coming to you straight outta Tokyo. Zoobombs (band leader, guitarist, and vocalist Don, keyboardist Matta, bassist Moo-stop, and drummer Bukka Billy) first got together on a moonlight night in September 1994. The band's name is an intentional corruption of zubon, the Japanese word for trousers!

Inspired by a audience's reaction to their explosive live shows, Zoobombs began selling self-produced tapes at their gigs, establishing Bo-Zubon (Zoobombs Times, a monthly newsletter) and Zubon-Sha (Zoobombs Company; headed by Kumaku, the bear that adorns all their merchandise!)

After serving as the eye-opening act for the likes of the Flaming Lips and Boss Hog, they landed a label deal with Quattro Label (in Japan). Emperor Norton (in the US) released "Welcome Back Zoobombs". This led to the first tour of North America, where they tore up the 1998 South by Southwest festival.

In 1999, the Zoobombs signed with Toshiba-EMI/Virgin and released the album Bomb Freak Express in Japan. A slightly different version was in Australia on Genie (via EMI). A successful Australian tour with Regurgitator followed.

In 2001, Zoobombs appeared on the Big Day Out travelling music festival in six major Australian and New Zealand cities.