Wrench formed as far back as 1992, but it wasn't until a crowd of 30,000 music fans saw the band at the indie festival Air Jam in 1998 that Wrench made its biggest impact.

Although not a household name, Wrench has created a large following for itself in underground rock circles. The band crossed over into clubs when Ken Ishii and DJ Shakkazombie remixed Wrench's "Sora" in 1997.

Wrench's muscular metal-rock never forgets the importance of a hook, and vocalist Shige delivers a spit-fire chant owing as much to Jane's Addiction as to Jamaican dub.

Wrench released a number of independent recordings on the ZK label before signing with Victor in 1999.

The band embarked on its first country-wide tour in 1999, and in 2000, it continued to make rounds in the summer festival circuit, performing at Air Jam 2000 and Summer Love. In 2001, Wrench crossed the Pacific to play in the SXSW festival.