If mono wrote songs instead of minimalist pieces, they would probably sound like Walrus.

Formed in 1995, Walrus specializes in writing haunting, atmospheric rock music full of heavy distortion. Propelled by the soothing but powerful voice of Akitomo, Walrus toes the line between introspection and aggression.

Walrus' career started to gain momentum in 1997, as they continued to play live and signed to indie label Teichiku.

For its first release, a mini-album titled Virus, Walrus worked in London's Abbey Road studios, and when Mansun and Sunny Day Real Estate toured Japan, Walrus played as the opening act.

From 1998, Walrus released a steady stream of albums and singles, culminating in Hikari no Kakera in November 2000. The band has since released little else, but they continue to perform.