Steady & Co.


[Steady & Co.]

The genesis of Steady & Co. began when Dragon Ash's Furuya Kenji and DJ Bots produced albums by the likes of Miho and Sugar Soul.

Bots had thought about forming a production team before he was drafted to become a full-time member of Dragon Ash.

After producing Miho and others, Bots floated the idea of expanding Steady & Co.'s line-up. Bots and Furuya got to know Shigeo of the Skebo Kings and Ilmari of Rip Slyme during Dragon Ash's annual Total Music Connection show.

Bots and Furuya invited Shigeo and Ilmari to join, and five months after Dragon Ash released Lily of da Valley, Steady & Co. made its debut with the single "Stay Gold".

A far cry from the metallic hip-hop of Dragon Ash, Steady & Co.'s sound is heavy on acoustic guitars, jazzy upright bass and thunderous beats. The quartet's aesthetic could almost be called "hip-hop unplugged".