Oblivion Dust


[Oblivion Dust]

Between its incredibly American sound and singer Ken Lloyd's English lyrics, Oblivion Dust could have come straight out of some club in the Pacific Northwest.

But Oblivion Dust hail from Japan, and with some help from the late hide, the band landed a major label deal with Avex Trax in 1996.

Oblivion Dust's sound is straight-forward post-grunge in the tradition of Smashing Pumpkins and Foo Fighters. Half-Briton/half-Japanese Lloyd switches between Japanese and English effortlessly, although English definitely dominates Lloyd's lyrics.

Despite Oblivion Dust's decent songwriting and strong sound -- helped significantly by American producer Ray McVeigh, who worked with hide in Zilch -- there's little indication the band is a very big hit in Japan.

After four albums and numerous singles, Oblivion Dust called it quits in August 2001. Iwaike Kaz hooked up with Tetsu from L'Arc~en~Ciel for his solo project, Tetsu69. Lloyd teamed up with Inoran from Luna Sea to form Fake?.