Fukuoka City has introduced a number of reknowned musicians to Japan, from Shéna Ringö to Number Girl. It's also to home to Nananine.

Like Hokkaido-based soulsberry, Nananine perform a rough-hewned but melodic brand of pop music as sweet as it is raw.

The band members met in 1999, hitting it off over games of mah-jong. Nananine soon became immersed in the Fukuoka music scene, building a loyal audience.

In 2000, Radio Fukuoka added Nananine to its playlist, leading the way for the band to record for the High Line label.

Nananine made its debut on an omnibus recording, fm, before releasing its first mini-album in 2001. The following year, the band branched out of Fukuoka, playing in Osaka and Shimokitazawa.

In March 2002, Nananine performed at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, followed by a special performance in New York City. Later that year, the band made its major label debut on Warner Bros. Japan with 12e12.