You’ve stolen my Texas dates

I got a very rare e-mail announcement from Kronos Quartet today, and there’s quite a bit of news.

First off, the quartet announced its 2005/2006 season, and dammit — there aren’t any Texas dates on there. They are, however, playing four dates in Hawaiʻi, so catch them if you can — they hit the islands maybe once every 10 years.

Kronos also has a new cellist. Jeffrey Ziegler replaces Jennifer Culp, who in turn replaced original cellist Joan Jeanrenaud back in 1999. I always kind of liked that affirmative action line-up with the one female member, so it’ll take some adjustment now that Kronos is all men.

Of course, You’ve Stolen My Heart: Songs from R.D. Burman’s Bollywood hits stores today (Aug. 23). Kronos collaborates with singer Asha Bhole on an album of music from one of the most prolific composers in India’s film industry. Some of the samples from the album sound terrific.