Back-end changes installed

The planned outage for the website didn’t really have to happen, but the back-end changes to the site are now installed.

The discography section has been reorganized to seperate individual formats on to different pages. It should also be easier to list different pressings of a single album, such as limited editions. I’ve also signed up to be an iTunes affiliate, and to start with, I’ve linked to the four releases Bonnie Pink has made available on iTunes.

The new changes also fixed a problem with the Audiobin. A combination of scripting error and database misconfiguration rendered the free Audiobin levels — Preview and Streaming — inoperative. This problem wasn’t brought to my attention till this past week, since the interface doesn’t seem give the impression that such behavior was incorrect.

It’s an embarrassing error, and one for which I’m truly sorry.

Hopefully now this latest round of development will fix whatever tinkering I did a month ago. Now I can get back to writing for the site! Thank you for your patience.