Mukai Shuutoku contributes music to film soundtrack


Mukai Shuutoku will write music for a new movie by Kudou Kankurou, titled Mayonaka no Yajisan Kitasan. The film is expected to be premiered next spring and stars Nagase Tomoya (TOKIO) and Nakamura Shinnosuke. The soundtrack album to be released on April 13 includes the tracks “Tankui”, “Yaji x Kita” and “Yaji x Kitabeat”, “Yaji x Kita Psychedelic”, “Yaji x Kitakabuki” and other songs performed by Zazen Boys. In addition, Nagase and Nakamura perform “Tokaido de Ikou” and “Mayonaka no Yajisan Kitasan” in the movie.