Changes big and small

I’ve been looking at the state of my finances, and I may be able to swing an upgrade of my personal computer, which means the machine I’m using now can be converted to a server. But any realistic change probably won’t happen till closer to April, when I have a better idea of what my raise at work will be. Still, the timely death of the audio server — and man, did it last longer than even I expected — gives me a really good excuse to upgrade.

Till then, I’ve made slight changes to the front page. I’m doing away with the Featured Review at the top of the page and going for a reverse-chronological format for all updates. And just so the page isn’t all text, I’m using thumbnails of album covers to distinguish reviews from other content.

But really, I want to move away from needing a review at the top of the page. My schedule isn’t going to get any lighter in the next few weeks, so I’d rather not have layout dictate content need.

I hope to have a better idea of when I can bring back the audio features of this site in the next few weeks. Sorry again for the inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.