Upgrade to Amazon shop offers more features

The Amazon @ Musicwhore shop was recently upgraded to use the latest version of the Amazon Ecommerce Service.

As a result, a number of interface quirks were finally resolved. Items that are no longer available for purchase do not offer shopping cart links, and a few changes in the Musicwhore.org database insures better interaction with Amazon’s catalog information.

All that to say the Amazon @ Musicwhore shop is easier to use! Please note adding items to a cart or wish list takes you away from Musicwhore.org to Amazon’s site.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to intergrate Musicwhore.org’s localized content with Amazon Japan’s database, allowing users to shop for Japanese albums and DVDs with an English interface.

Please remember Musicwhore.org gets a commission for sales made through the site, so if you want to throw a few cents to help out, make your next purchase through Musicwhore.org!