Connectivity continues to degrade

In the last week and a half, the connectivity problems which continue to plague my cable modem have worsened. I’ve scheduled another maintenance visit with Time Warner for Thursday, Nov. 4. Previous scheduled visits produced no results since it was difficult to anticipate when the modem would go through another round of connection problems.

This time, the intermittent connection drops happen with more frequency and with less predictability. Time Warner thinks the modem itself is having power source issues. Until this problem is resolved, I will hold off on approving new accounts or upgrade requests. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Please also remember that I will be performing a database clean-up of old and inactive accounts on Nov. 16. If your Audiobin account shows no activity in at least six months, it will be deleted. To avoid having your account deleted, please add files to or delete files from your bin. You do not need to stream or to download them.

All Audiobin Basic accounts expiring on Nov. 16 will be switched to Audiobin Streaming. You may request an upgrade if you wish to maintain your level of access.