Onitsuka Chihiro releases best album, clip collection

Source: Bounce.com

Onitsuka Chihiro will release both a best collection and a video clips DVD on Dec. 1. The Ultimate Collection features 15 of Onitsuka’s songs, including her break-out hits “Shine” and “Gekkoo”, plus other singles such as “infection”, “Ryuuseigun” and “Memai”. Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound in New York City will remaster the songs on the collection.

The Complete Clips contains many of the same tracks as the The Ultimate Collection, with the addition of more recent works, “Beautiful Fighter” and the Yamaguchi Momoe cover “Ii Hi Tabidachi Nishi e”.

Onitsuka releases her first single, “Sodatsu Zasso”, for a new label on Oct. 27.