Brass in pocket

Rounder Records has put up audio excerpts of Minnie Driver’s debut album, Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket. I’ve been tracking the development of this album since hearing about it earlier in the year. And the anticipation I feel for this debut hasn’t waned (much), despite all indications it’s going to suck harder than a vacuum cleaner. Perhaps that’s part of the spectacle. I’m sure, though, I’ll balk when it actually comes time to approach the cash register with Minnie’s album in hand.

Equally exciting news is the release of Hem’s second album, Eveningland. The group’s debut album, Rabbit Songs, was my favorite of 2002.

Oct. 5 is actually going to be a pretty busy release day — Utada Hikaru’s Exodus, mono’s Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined, Minnie Driver’s Everything I’ve Got In My Pocket and Hem’s Eveningland. All that needs to happen is Duran Duran’s Astronaut getting bumped up a week, and I’ll be poor for sure.