Tokyo Jihen releases debut single in September


Shiina Ringo’s new band, Tokyo Jihen, releases its debut single titled “Kunjoo Hiyori” on Sept. 8. The coupling tracks on the three-track release include “Sono Shukujo Fushidara ni Tsuki” and “Kao”. “Sono Shukujo Fushidara ni Tsuki” is a cover of the jazz standard “The Lady Is a Tramp”.

Tokyo Jihen consists of Shiina Ringo (vocals), Hata Toshiki (drums), Hiizami Masayuki (keyboards), Mikki (guitar) and Kameda Seiji (bass). The band will perform at the Fuji Rock Festival in August. Shiina introduced Tokyo Jihen as her backing band during 2003’s Suguroku Ecstacy tour.