Assimilated — and it feels so good …

Missy Elliott is the Borg. You will be assimilated. Her distinctiveness will be added to your own. Resistence is futile.

We were assimilated on your Stardate -321898. (And we were geek enough to look it up.)

Missy Elliot disperesed an aural assimilation agent called “Work It”. A supplementary visual agent broadcast through the entertainment network MTV was also employed.

Assimilation was effortless. Aural antidotes — what is usually called “rock ‘n’ roll” — were irrelevant.

Missy Elliott further dispersed the aural agent on the data module named Under Construction. Module saw penetration into millions of data playback components. Margin of success: significant, but flawed.

Accompanying agents on data module did not match “Work It” in effectiveness and memorability.

On Stardate -320898, Missy Elliott introduces This Is Not a Test! as an upgrade to data module Under Construction.

Missy Elliott scales back intra-track homilies, deploys adjunct perfomance units — what is called “collaborators” — clarifies themes of previous release.

Module This Is Not a Test! does not contain agent with an effectiveness factor comparable to “Work It”. Agent “Pass the Dutch”, released prior to introduction of This Is Not a Test!, achieves comparritive torsal response but inflitration into memory engrams shows degradation over time.

Lack of comparable effective agent is irrelevant.

Overall focus and cohesion of module This Is Not a Test! compensates for any single agent. Module compensates for flaws of last release.

One of Nine Binary Adjunct to Unimatrix Zero — obsolete designation: Timbaland — provides stronger sonic backdrop over which Missy Elliott deems playas, fake weaves and skinny bi-yaaches insignificant.

Margin of success: closer to perfection.

The following agents contain distinctive characteristics contributing to the whole:

  • “Ragtime Interlude” serves as respite to overall synthetic timbres.
  • “Toyz Interlude” appeals to prurient interest by charting errogenous effectives of mechanical aide compared to actual mating rituals.
  • “Don’t Be Cruel” quotes Salt ‘n’ Pepa’s “Push It” without resorting to parody.

This Is Not a Test! achieves further assimilation. Other data modules are irrelevant. Antidotes to Missy Elliott agents — ineffective.

Resistence is futile.