Odani Misako enlists eastern youth, Number Girl members

Source: Bounce.com

Singer-songwriter Odani Misako has recruited members of eastern youth, Super Butter Dog and Number Girl for her latest project.

Billed as odani misako•ta-ta, the four-member band consists of Super Butter Dog keyboardist Ikeda Takafumi, ex-Number Girl/bloodthirsty butchers guitarist Tabuchi Hisako, eastern youth bassist Tomokazu Ninomiya and drummer Tamada Tomu, who’s performed in Nakamura Kazuyoshi’s band the 100s.

The band releases a mini-album, feather, on Oct. 29 with covers of Arai Yumi and the Pretenders. Because of each member’s existing commitments with their respective bands, live performances and other recordings will most likely be sporadic.

Earlier in 2003, Odani released a new album, night.