Thank you, fans

There isn’t much to say about this EP.

For fans, the rarities included on Fight Test range from strangely fascinating (a cover of Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head”) to somewhat uninteresting (a techno-ish new song “The Strange Design”).

But given the range of material on the seven-track disc, it can’t escape having a stop-gap, throw-away feel.

The Lips’ cover of “Knives Out” proves Radiohead is far more interesting when other people are doing its music, but musically speaking, it shares nothing in common with the Scott Hardkiss Floating in Space Mix of “Do You Realize??”

If anything, Fight Test EP seems like a measure aimed at preventing exorbiant eBay auctions and rampant file trading — most of the tracks featured on the disc were previously released on promotional discs prior to the release of 2002’s Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

It’s a boon for fans, and if you set the White Stripes’ Elephant right before Fight Test EP on your CD changer (or MP3 player, as it were), you’ll find a nice congruency between the Stripes “We Just Love One Another” and the Lips’ whimsical “Thank You Jack White (For That Fiberoptic Jesus That You Gave Me)”.

It’s not, however, a disc you’d use to sell someone on the Flaming Lips. Get it if Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots made your year.