What’s that sound?

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Do As Infinity sounds as strange as its name.

The opening strains of the group’s debut album, Break of Dawn, hint that this Japanese trio plays jazz-pop. Then the chrous hits, and they become a loud, alternative rock band.

Skip to the next track (“Standing on the Hill”), and they sound like a version of Every Little Thing without synthesizers.

Skip to the next track (“Oasis”), and they’re back to being loud rockers again.

Skip to the next track (“Another”), and they’re back to playing jazz-pop, this time with strings, hip-hop beats and DJ scratches.

It’s this kind of eclectism that makes J-popTheGenre an interesting offshoot of exported American rock music. In attempting to emulate what’s going on an ocean away, bands such as Do As Infinity end up creating altogether new brews.

One thing is for certain — a sound so unique as Do As Infinity’s would leave U.S. audiences puzzled.

As such, Break of Dawn requires at least two listens — the first one to understand what’s going on musically; the second to really enjoy the hooks offered by the band’s songwriters.

If you didn’t think hip-hop beats could anchor alternative rock music influenced by jazz, it’s time to shift your paradigm.