The golden band

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Don’t let the first three tracks of La Marcha del Golazo Solitario fool you.

The immediate hooks and the conventional song structures of “La Vida,” “C.J.” and “Los Condenaditos” are just warm-ups for the real meat of Fabulosos Cadillacs’ latest sonic epic.

Unlike the Grammy award-winning Fabulosos Calavera, La Marcha doesn’t hit a listener over the head with the Cadillacs’ deft musical versatility. Instead, the group gives a flavor of its more conventional side before launching full-blown into its usual sonic assault.

From the fourth track, “Cebolla, El Nadador,” on to the rest of the album, it’s pure Cadillacs — jazz, ska, punk, rock, Latin music in all its forms, often within one track.

Where Fabulosos Calavera often employed the quick-cut mayhem of John Zorn’s Naked City or Mike Patton’s early Mr. Bungle work, La Marcha takes a more crafted approach to the same aesthetic. The swift changes are there, but this time, they fit more comfortably from cut-to-cut.

In other words, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs have gotten more polished without sacrificing any of its wild creativity.