A few warnings about this album:

  • Don’t play this CD on a long drive home late at night
  • Don’t play this CD and walk into another room
  • And most importantly, don’t do any loud chores, such

    as washing dishes or vacuum cleaning, while playing

    this CD

In short, give the American Analog Set your undivided attention. It pays off. Really.

The American Analog Set hovers in the low registers of a volume knob, stripping away its songs from any sort of excess. Repeating guitar hooks anchor the band’s music, while Farisa organ and drums make subtle punctuations.

It’s great music with which to chill.

On The Golden Band, AmAnSet strike a nice balance between catchiness and proportion. Mostly atmospheric, AmAnSet’s music could easily meander into babbling territory. It never does, and combined with some nice hooks, the group’s tunes become exceptional.