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[Port of Notes]

If Hatakeyama Miyuki calls to mind Tracey Thorn, then Kojima Taisuke is her Ben Watt.

In 1996, Hatakeyama and Kojima got together to form Port of Notes, a jazz-pop duo not unlike the Thorn-Watt team of Everything But the Girl. In recent releases, Port of Notes has even allowed DJs to remix their works.

But at its core, Port of Notes specializes in the kind of haunting, mellow jazz-inflected pop owing as much to Paul Young as to Miles Davis.

Hatakeyama was involved with two other groups -- Double Famous and Little Creatures -- at the time she created Port of Notes with Kojima. Shortly after the pair recorded a demo tape, they were signed to Crue-L Records.

Hatakeyama split her time between Port of Notes and Double Famous before recording her own solo work in late 2001 and early 2002.