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It's easy to peg Missile Girl Scoot as just another rap-rock group.

The group's heavy metal riffs bear very striking resemblance to the likes of Rage Against the Machine, but that's pretty much where the comparrisons end. Missile Girl Scoot draw upon an encyclopedia of influences, including ska, punk and metal.

Whereas Dragon Ash combine hip-hop beats with rock guitars, Missile Girl Scoot is a metal band with a pair of women rappers. The group first formed as Tacoss and released its debut EP, Let's Go the Beach in 1998.

The group then changed its name to Missile Girl Scoot before releasing its second independent EP, Yanny, in 1999.

Missile Girl Scoot traveled to Austin, Texas to perform in two showcases for SXSW a few weeks before it released its debut single for Toshiba-EMI, "Fake Sista Ain't Shit!"

After releasing its debut album Fiesta! a year later, guitarist Tetsuya and bass guitarist Saitaro left the band. They were replaced by guitarist Gak and bassist Keita.

In 2001, Missile Girl Scoot took a hiatus from live performances when drummer Yosuke developed back problems. The band staged a comeback in early 2003, releasing a retrospective, a new single and a self-titled album. But Yosuke's on-going health problems forced the band to announce its break-up after a final tour.