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Quruli announces tour, new single


Quruli announced the release of a new single on Sept. 17, titled “How to Go”. The band’s official web site also reports the band will be performing at the Fuji Rock Festival, its first for the festival in Yagano. Quruli has also been working on music for the film “Jose to Tora to Sakanatachi”. Later in the year, the band will embark on its “Hyakkiyagyoo” tour.

bloodthirsty butchers releases live album in Sept.


bloodthirsty butchers announced the Sept. 17 release of a live album, titled green on red. Details about the album were not yet determined, but shortly after the release of its most recent album, Kooya ni Okeru bloodthirsty butchers, former Number Girl guitarist Tabuchi Hisako joined the band, making it a quartet. Tabuchi’s performance with the group spurred the band to plan the release of a live recording.

Hajime Chitose releases new album in September


Hajime Chitose is set to release her second album, Nomad Soul, on Sept. 3. The album will include her most recent hit singles, “Sen no Yoru to Sen no Hiru” and “Kono Machi”, and on Aug. 13, Hajime will release another pre-release single, “Itsu ka Kaze ni Naru Hi”. Yamazaki Masayoshi is again expected to produce a song on the new album. An initial limited edition pressing will include a DVD featuring two promo videos, housed in a three-fold digipak sleeve. Hajime will also perform in September as part of the “August Camp 2003” tour. Hajime’s powerful voice scored the young singer a huge hit with her first single, “Wadatsumi no Ki”.