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In his book Nippon Pop, writer Steve McClure devotes a good two pages to Super Junky Monkey, an all-woman quartet that performed some of the most angular punk rock in the world.

The book, however, was published a year before the sad conclusion of the group -- specifically, the death of singer Mutsumi in February 1999. Mutsumi, who at the time was married and had a child, committed suicide by falling out of her apartment window.

As a result, Super Junky Monkey's incredible albums are now hard to find, becoming out of print on the band's label, Sony.

Super Junky Monkey's management company, 3rd Stones, Ltd., have taken up the effort to keep SJM's legacy alive by releasing outtakes and a best album.

Formed in 1991, Super Junky Monkey made more of an impact in the U.S. than in Japan, opting to tour the States extensively and performing at festivals such as SXSW and CMJ Music Marathon.

SJM's music is incredibly distinct. Loud and brash and atonal, SJM's obtuse music fit Mutsumi's deep growl. The band's mostly English lyrics rallied against conformity and order.

The remaining members of Super Junky Monkey have moved onto other projects. Keiko joined eX-Girl when the trio's original guitarist Chihiro left the band.

The world has not seen a group like Super Junky Monkey, and it won't for some time to come.