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(The Sister/Benten Label web site has an official biography of Mummy the Peepshow in English. will attempt to edit it.)

Mummy the Peepshow formed in 1994 when vocalist/guitarist Maki Mummy fell in love with "the TESCO guitar 'SPECTRUM 5'." The band opted for the name Mummy the Peepshow because they wanted the word "the" in the middle of their name.

Maki was joined by drummer Rising Yuki-San and bass guitarist Natsu Summer. In 1996, Mummy the Peepshow recorded a demo and participated on a number of compilation albums. Mummy's line-up solidified in 1997 with the addition of second guitarist Youngest Akkie -- so named because she's the youngest in the band.

Mummy recorded its debut album in a log house near Mt. Fuji "without taking a bath." Benten released the album, Mummy Bullion in 1998. The group later toured the west coast of the U.S. that year.

After recording its second album, This is Egg Speaking, Rising Yuki-San left the band and was replaced by I*D*M*U*. In March 2000, the band performed at South by Southwest and toured with Number Girl, Spoozys and Lolita No. 18 on the "Japan Nite" bill.
After those performances, Naru replaced Natsu Summer on bass guitar.

A number of music journalists cited the group's two SXSW performances that year as epitomizing the essence of the festival -- finding great music from totally unknown acts.

Like Shonen Knife, Mummy the Peepshow blends a precarious mix of pop and punk. Whereas Shonen Knife tends to sound like Red Kross, Mummy the Peepshow lean more toward the Donnas and the Dead Milkmen.

In 2001, Youngest Akkie left the band, and Mummy the Peepshow continues as a trio.