It's no understatement to call Molotov one of the most controversial bands around.

The rap-rock quartet scored a hit with the scandously-titled single, "Puto," -- which translates to "fuckhead", "faggot" or "asshole" in English. The single raised the ire of gay rights groups with a chorus that exclaims, "Kill all queers".

Although Molotov's music deals with the same themes as their U.S. counterparts -- women, sex, parties -- the band's music also seethes with a scathing anger that rallies against social complacency and injustice.

Even though they were branded as gay bashers, Molotov went on Mexican radio with gay activists to explain their perspective. (Oddly enough, remixes of "Puto," are big in gay clubs.)

Molotov formed in 1995 as a hobby. A friend convinced the band to enter a contest, and they won. The group went on to open for other acts, and even though Molotov never sold a recording at their shows, fans would trade tapes of its performances.

Molotov has toured extensively in the States, first with the Vans Warped Tour, then with Watcha. The band released two albums and was nominated for a Grammy.