東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen)


[東京事変 (Tokyo Jihen)]

Solo artist Shiina Ringo has a history of naming her backing bands -- Zetsurin Hectopascal, Momoiro Spanner, Hatsuiku Status, Gyakutai Glycogen.

Although Shiina is the only constant in any of these "bands", it's a sign she considers a band dynamic essential to her music.

After taking a break in 2002 to have a child, Shiina staged a comeback in 2003, releasing an album, a short film and four DVDs. The momentum culminated in the Suguroku Ecstacy tour, in which Shiina introduced her latest band, Tokyo Jihen.

For most of that year, however, Shiina hinted that a phase to her career was coming to an end. She even had her trademark mole removed.

In June 2004, Shiina announced she would no longer record as a solo artist. Instead, she would turn Tokyo Jihen into a full-time ensemble.

Tokyo Jihen performed its first concert billed under its own name at the Fuji Rock Festival in August 2004. In the last quarter of 2004, the band released two singles before it debuted with a full-length album in November. A nationwide tour followed in the first quarter of 2005.

  • Shiina Ringo: vocals
  • Kameda Seiji: bass
  • Mikki: guitar
  • Hiizami Masayuki: keyboards
  • Hata Toshiki: drums