There's no easy way to describe THE BACK HORN's sound.

Not only does the Tokyo-based trio jump from one style to another, it incorporates many styles into one song. It's not unusual to hear Japanese melodies sung over heavy metal riffs that switch to ska and Latin rhythms.

That's not to say THE BACK HORN doesn't rock hard. They do.

THE BACK HORN didn't come together till its four members -- singer Yamada Masashi, guitarist Suganami Eijun, bassist Hirabayashi Naoki and drummer Matsuda Shinji -- each moved to Tokyo. After networking in the Tokyo music scene, the four men met each other and formed THE BACK HORN in 1998.

THE BACK HORN released its first two albums and a single on Kando Records while touring Japan extensively. In 2001, Hirabayashi left the group, leaving the remaining members to work as a trio.

THE BACK HORN signed to Speedstar Records and released two more albums, Ningen Program and Shinzoo Orchestra. In December 2002, the band added new member Okamine Kooshu on bass guitar. 2003 saw the release of the band's third album, Ikiru Sainou.

In 2004, the band contributed the song "Requiem" to the movie Casshern, directed by Kiriya Kazuaki, husband of pop singer Utada Hikaru. THE BACK HORN also released its fourth album, Headphone Children.

  • Yamada Masashi: vocals
  • Suganami Eijun: guitar
  • Matsuda Shinji: drums
  • Okamine Kooshu: bass