三上ちさこ (Mikami Chisako)


[三上ちさこ (Mikami Chisako)]

After the release of fra-foa's second album, 13 leaves, lead singer Mikami Chisako announced she had married and was pregnant with her first child.

fra-foa went on hiatus for most of 2003, and in May of that year, Mikami gave birth to a boy.

She didn't stay idle during that time, however.

Mikami started work on a solo project, and while fra-foa picked up in January 2004, the lead singer also juggled her solo album and an appearance in a short film.

In October 2004, Mikami releases a single from her solo debut, titled "Fundamental/ride". November 2004 sees the release of the album itself, Watashi wa Anata no Uchuu.

fra-foa disbanded in early 2005, and Mikami continues on as a solo artist. She releases a second solo album, I'm here in October 2005.