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[eastern youth]

(Note: This biography was taken from the band's official site, with a few grammatical edits and some factual updates made.)

eastern youth formed in Sapporo, Hokkaido in 1988. After the band moved to Tokyo in 1990, bassist Ninomiya Tomokazu joined the band, forming its current dynamic lineup. The band started its own independent label, Sakamoto-Shoten, to release its own material.

Wanting to see better live shows, eastern youth started a regular "battle of the bands" series called Kyokutoo-Saizensen. The trio established its name through a steady maintenance of independent releases and live shows.

In 1996, eastern youth signed to Toy's Factory and released its first single, "Aosugiru-Sora". Since then, the band have released three albums and five singles, all co-produced by Eddie Ashworth.

Singer Yoshino Hisashi's intense, literary lyrics deal with the sense of helplessness in the passage of life. He credits Fugazi, Jawbreaker, Stiff Little Fingers, and Discharge for having an impact in his music background. He also cites Mogwai, Dylan Group, Yo La Tengo as his latest favorites.

In August 2000, the band released through its label a compilation album Kyokutoo-Saizensen, which features such bands as Husking Bee, bloodthirsty butchers, Number Girl and Naht.

In November 2000, eastern youth made its first US appearances, touring Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angels with At the Drive-In and Murder City Devils. In May 2001, it did gigs in Orange County and Phoenix with Jimmy Eat World.

eastern youth shared a split CD with Cursive in June 2001, going on to release its debut album in the states in September 2003.