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Ishijima Yukiko has been doing Papaya Paranoia for a long time now -- more than 20 years, in fact, back when "electroclash" was still called "New Wave".

The roots of Papaya Panaoia extend far back as 1982, when Ishijima met drummer Kishida Chiaki. The pair formed Neko Odori in 1983, which later became Papaya Paranoia in 1984.

Back then, the band was a rock quartet, playing the kind of post-punk music that would eventually bridge Television and Blondie with Duran Duran.

Throughout, the 1980s, Papaya Paranoia toured and recorded steadily, releasing one indie release after another. By the end of the '80s, most of the band's members departed, and Ishijima put the band on hiatus in 1989.

Even with the band's performances on hold, its music still made it on a number of independent releases. In 1992, Ishijima reformed Papaya Paranoia. From then on, the band's line-up would change constantly, with only Ishijima as the only constant.

Now, Papaya Paranoia is down to a pair, with Morinaga Michiko helping Ishijima out on the band's heavily electronic sound. In addition to Papaya Paranoia, Ishijima also works as a manga artist and a commercial voice-over actress.

In 2003, the band performed at SXSW.