より子。 (Yorico)


[より子。 (Yorico)]

Singer-songwriter Yorico first developed during an extended hospital stay when she was a child. She was being treated for cancer, and to entertain herself, she would play the organ in the hospital lobby. She could play by ear the chimes she heard from a nearby school.

As a student, she studied music seriously, and by the age of 16, she attracted the interest of music industry professionals. Yorico released an album, Aizenaha, and a mini-album, gap, in 2002 on an independent label. Her recordings managed to sell 80,000 units, and Sonim recorded one of her songs.

In 2003, Yorico took a break, but she re-emerged in 2004 with a series of live performances. She signed to Toshiba-EMI later that year, and in 2005, she released her first major label album, Cocoon.

Yorico's piano-driven music could easily draw comparisons to Onitsuka Chihiro, and her earnest voice sounds like a sweeter Utada Hikaru.