矢井田瞳 (Yaida Hitomi)


[矢井田瞳 (Yaida Hitomi)]

Yaida Hitomi doesn't describe her music as hard rock -- it's "heart rock."

In an interview with Kansai Scene Online, Yaida says: "In my songs I try to honestly express both positive and negative things about myself. I think that's my particular style. I don't mind revealing even dirty or ugly feelings in my songs, although most Japanese people would never do that."

Yaida's earnest songwriting has earned her quick success. Never playing live, Yaida wrote songs at home and on a whim mailed a demo tape to a small magazine in Tokyo. Aozora Records then released "Yaiko's" debut EP, Howling, which was picked up by the three biggest radio stations in Japan.

Yaida signed to Toshiba-EMI and released two singles, "B'Coz I Love You" and "My Sweet Darlin'", before unleashing her debut album, daiya-monde, which topped the Oricon charts. Since then, Yaida has been a regular hitmaker, releasing two more albums, Candlize and I/flancy.