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[Boom Boom Satellites]

(Ed note: This biography was taken from the band's official web site.)

Boom Boom Satellites are the Tokyo-based duo of Michiyuki Kawashima (vocals, guitar, lyricist) and Masayuki Nakano (bass, drums, DJ). The two joined forces in 1990 while attending college, inspired in equal measures by David Bowie and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. They named themselves Boom Boom Satellites after a SSS song and embarked upon their musical expedition.

In 1995, their song "Dub Me Crazy" was featured in a compilation album of DJ Fumiya Tanaka's Torema Records which is titled "Abstruct Set One", and the scene started to take them forward as one to watch. In 1997, with the European release of "Dub Me Crazy" and "For A Moment Of Silence", the duo earned critical acclaim in a number of European magazines, and soon Boom Boom Satellites were signed by Sony Music Entertainment Japan.

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