Mean Machine


[Mean Machine]

(Ed. note: Brian Dunn of the pure-japanese-rock mailing list translated the official biography of Mean Machine from the band's web site. Here's what it says.)

In 1998 Chiwaki and Chara found kindred spirits in each other when they agreed "It'd be fun to do like a girl band together!" The band's concept was to be "Have fun doing it," "Cute with pheromone," and "You play an instrument you never have before."

On the spot, Chiwaki chose guitar and Chara chose the drums. Soon after that they give Yukarie [who plays tenor sax for The Thrill] a call. She says she's in as the bassist. A few days later Chiwaki gets a message from Chara that "Yuki wants to do drums." So it turns out that Mean Machine has two drummers.

Chara and Yuki come to visit at a birthday party concert for Chiwaki. The topic "who should do vocals?" comes up. Chara soon responds with "What about Ayumi?" and they call her right away. With a "Are you sure you want me?" Mean Machine reaches regular band formation.

Spring 1999, they planned their first group rehearsal, but the special ordered drums for Yuki and Chara (small to fit their bodies, with Pearl and sparkles) didn't arrive on time, a fun little incident. So they decide to do record demos of the two easiest to perform songs.

Noteworthy was Ayumi's vocal strength. After Chara giving her advice to "just sing however you like," she did just that and gave them a gritty, gut-wrenching performance. Around this time each member starts writing songs for the group during offtime from their own professions. 2000 comes and they match up their schedules to meet, dropping money from their own pockets and start rehearsing when they can.

Songs for the band gradually take shape. And the topic of releasing a CD somehow turns serious. Fall 2000, everything finally comes to light!